#146 & #147

146.  A regular loaf of bread costs 88  cents while a tiny loaf costs a dollar extra.

147. You fertilize, water and mulch your plant, but it dies;  yet a branch hanging by a thread with no water and barely any sunlight survives.


#144 & #145

144. Even though Your class gets cancelled, you still have to stay on campus because  of your brother’s after school meeting.

145. You start a strict diet, but gain two pounds; When you go back to eating your normal foods, you lose two pounds.

#142 & #143

142.  Your school district superintendent gets a generous pay raise every year, but the rest of the staff does not.

143.  The day you spend time and money getting your air conditioner to work, when it finally blows cold air,  a winter storm brings icy winds  forcing  you to use the heater instead.

#136 & #137

136. When you put a brand new chain on your chainsaw, you’ll run across a nail. But, if you use the old one, you can saw all day without finding one.

137. At the grocery store, your bag of coupons which you spent 20 minutes organizing will fly like confetti all across aisle 7 as you reach for a small can of tuna.