#154 & #155

154. When the basketball player on your team, steps on the other guy’s foot, you think he’s clever. But when someone from the opposing team does it, he’s a big cheater.

155. You pay good money to see a horror movie only to have your eyes closed through half of it.


#152 &#153

152.  You hear a commercial on your ad free premium music service trying to sell you their ad free music.

153.  When you’re wealthy, people at events bring you free food, but when you’re poor, they charge you for every morsel.

#142 & #143

142.  Your school district superintendent gets a generous pay raise every year, but the rest of the staff does not.

143.  The day you spend time and money getting your air conditioner to work, when it finally blows cold air,  a winter storm brings icy winds  forcing  you to use the heater instead.