#110 & #111

110. The day you find a wonderful parking space in front of the building is the day your professor moves your class to the next one.

111. The  first day the weather freezes is the day your keys get stuck in the doorknob.


#108 & #109

108. The day your property taxes are due, your dryer breaks and the  engine light in your car lights up.

109. When your midterm paper is due, your brother decides to print a Pikachu so the printer runs out of ink.


#105 & #106

105. You take out your weedwhacker, attach two extension cords to get to the very edge of your yard. When you reach the farthest point,  the second you start the motor, the string runs out so you have to head all the way back to the garage replace it.

106. When you order fast food fries, some restaurants put your catsup packet under  them.  After you eat all the  dry fries, you find the packet.

#102 & #103

102. If you don’t have the Weather Channel, they will let you watch today’s weather tomorrow.

103. The day you decide to buy extra bulky paper towels and stock up on giant cans of tuna is the day workers block your driveway so you have to park three houses down  schlepping your bags across the street to get to your door.

#98 & #99

98. When you wake up late and miss breakfast, they serve eggs, bacon, biscuits and toast. The day you get up on time, there’s a cup of yogurt.

99. Your neighbor waters their lawn day and night letting water gush into the next block. But the second a few drops from your sprinkler lands in the gutter, you get a citation for over use.