#183 & #184

183. You try everything to start a fire in your BBQ pit.  Nothing works. Once you finally get the fire moving, it begins roaring. Of course you then you have a difficult time stopping it.

184. You really want to put gas in your car because prices are cheap, except you haven’t moved much and not another drop will fit in your engine.


#181 &#182

181. The blood pressure machine at your grocery store is turned off to “protect your health” from the virus.

182. Because it’s casual Friday and no one’s gonna be in the office anyway, you wear, your oldest, most wrinkled shirt.  That’s the day the office manager decides to have your picture taken on an ID tag that you’ll keep for the next year.

#174 & #175

174. Your electronic device demands an internet password which is 16 digits long, mixed with capital letters and numbers. Once you find it, and spend a while inputting it, the device says it didn’t need it after all.

175. Your doctor commands you to have bloodwork done AFTER your wellness exam. That means you can’t eat or drink anything for eight hours before seeing her. Then she wonders why your blood pressure is too high or probably a bit too low.