#37 & #38

37. You look for a job for weeks. The moment  you decide to move to another city, the very day you are set to leave, a call arrives  offering you a job.

38. You buy a game at  the full price of $60. The next day it not only goes on sale for $15, but it comes with all the extras.


#31 & #32

31. People don’t have time to go to church because they are busy celebrating Christmas.

32. On your Christmas tree, your favorite ornaments are the ones your kids made when they were little-the ones with popsicle sticks and yarn; the felt gingerbread man with crooked eyes made with magic marker.

#29 & #30

29.  When you take a 50% coupon to the register from a certain Craft store, the item you wanted isn’t on their approved list of things you can buy.

30. You check your college class every morning to see if it’s cancelled. It’s not. The day you show up without checking, the class gets cancelled.

#25 & #26

25. You buy the pricey gourmet spaghetti sauce with mushrooms and beef only to realize your kinds prefer the 99 cent generic kind instead.

26. When you are out shopping with no money, you find the perfect shoes or pants. However, if you really need to buy something for a special event, you search every aisle, but can’t find a thing to wear.