#45 & #46

45. When you want to be picked for jury duty, you are not selected, however, when you really don’t want to be chosen, they pick you.

46. In college, when you wait until midnight, the last possible minute before your essay  is due, to submit it, your computer buffers.

15 thoughts on “#45 & #46

      1. like I said, I have been asking questions since I started talking. plus, I’m a huge Charlie Brown fan. According to it’s creator, Charles Schultz, he had moments where annoying stuff happened to him. Once he stood in a really long line to get a chocolate. right when his turn was coming up, they ran outta candy. But, we all have those moments. I’ve been collecting mine for a few years. If you wanna share yours, I’ll be happy to add them.

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      2. Ok, so it’s stuff that’s happened to you over years. I thought it was like something happened and then you posted about it, and in that case, you would’ve been a really unlucky person for all that to happen in a span of weeks.
        Hmm. The other day, I waited in line for over half an hour for gelato. So this store was set up so there were two separate lines. Trying gelato is on my bucket list of things to do before I die, so I was super excited and we were next in line when our line closed down and the lines merged. So we would’ve had to go to the end of a new line and I ended up not trying gelato.
        There’s also the whole thing with getting a job in Michigan two weeks after moving to Kentucky.
        That’s all I can think of right now.

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  1. I was actually picked for jury duty. And while I would have liked to have done it, for a variety of circumstances, it had to be cancelled. My Mum said she, when she was younger, wanted to do jury duty. But she was never picked. #46 would be a real bummer at the least.

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