The Awesome Impact Award


Thank you so much to the person who nominated me!

J-M’ s History Corner  (YAY!)

The rules:
Tag the person who nominated you
Take the “Awesome Impact Award” picture and add it to your post
Talk about an incident that impacted your life in a really positive way
Nominate 10 other awesome bloggers for this award

An incident that impacted my life in a positive way:

I taught middle school for twenty eight years. For some reason, I had an administrator who always gave me the worst of the worst students because I could “handle” them. Once, she moved a student into my class who had beaten his own mother!

But there was one bright light in my class. This one kid named John stood literally by me. If one of the monsters gave me a hard time, John, like an angel swooped in to make me smile. I can’t think of a particular incident. It felt like his energy shifted the room from  negative to positive.

I don’t know where he is now, but I’m grateful for him being there. I only wish to be like him-someone’s light- one day.

Nominate 10 other awesome bloggers for this award:

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  2. Rue 202 
  3. Thembi Terry Zulu
  4. Zarbakht Bilal
  5. FRED
  6. Riman Ray
  7. Pastor Chilavert Nmezi
  8. LCSW
  9. Angie Simonton
  10. Mitchteemly



16 thoughts on “The Awesome Impact Award

  1. Congrats on the award! I’m glad that student brightened your day! Thank you for nominating me – it’s my second award! (Had my first one just two days ago)! I’ll participate once I can think of ten other people!

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