#168 & #169

168. You win tons of fast food like chicken burgers, sundaes, fries and drinks from a fast food APP. It works great at home, but the second you step into the restaurant to redeem them, the app crashes.

169. When you mail an out-of-town relative a birthday card, they drive into town to visit so their birthday cards sits in their city. If you wait to give an out-of-town relative their birthday gift, they stay in their city which means your gift arrives late. 

4 thoughts on “#168 & #169

  1. Ugh yes, technology is great until it isn’t! I’ve had vouchers I’ve wanted to use for discounts in places, then haven’t been able to get the wifi to work in there, nor mobile internet, and I’ll be damned if I’m paying full price when I know there’s a voucher 😂
    Caz x


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