#183 & #184

183. You try everything to start a fire in your BBQ pit.  Nothing works. Once you finally get the fire moving, it begins roaring. Of course you then you have a difficult time stopping it.

184. You really want to put gas in your car because prices are cheap, except you haven’t moved much and not another drop will fit in your engine.

7 thoughts on “#183 & #184

  1. 184 YES! I was just saying this to my mum the other day when she said the newspaper mentioned the price dropping at the supermarket, but I only filled up just before lockdown when it was still super expensive and I’ve not driven much since! 😂

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  2. I can relate to the last one. As for getting the fire in the BBQ going, it can be a challenge, but rather than having a hard time stopping it, it often burns so fast that I am not even done with BBQ-ing before it goes out. 🙂

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