#168 & #169

168. You win tons of fast food like chicken burgers, sundaes, fries and drinks from a fast food APP. It works great at home, but the second you step into the restaurant to redeem them, the app crashes.

169. When you mail an out-of-town relative a birthday card, they drive into town to visit so their birthday cards sits in their city. If you wait to give an out-of-town relative their birthday gift, they stay in their city which means your gift arrives late. 

#166 & #167

166. You always buy generic Kleenex. The one day you splurge on extra soft Puffs with aloe, your generic floor cleaner spills over the brand new box.

167. When your neighbor goes grocery shopping, the cash register prints out all kinds of coupons for free fish, free bread etc. When you shop, the printer runs out of ink.

#164 & #165

164. You spend 5 minutes trying to open a bag of chips. Once you finally manage  to undo it, your brother grabs it from you putting chips on his plate before you’ve had a chance to taste one.

165. Because your cough won’t stop, you search the medicine cabinet for  Vicks Vapor Rub, but can’t find it. The day after you get over your cold, you discover it was there all the time.

#160 & #161

160.  At a restaurant, you decide to drink lemonade from the dispenser, but it’s empty so you pour tea into your cup. The moment you sip your drink, two employees refill the lemonade dispenser.

161. At the grocery store, you can find  fire starter liquid right beside fire stopper spray.

#158 & #159

158. You’re not sure if you should pick up your kid at school  in front of the main building or in the back by the bookstore. Once you leave the bookstore and drive all the way to the front, she tells you she has to buy a book. Now, you get to drive all the way back.

159. You get a job to earn money for a vacation, but you can’t go on vacation because you have to work.

#154 & #155

154. When the basketball player on your team, steps on the other guy’s foot, you think he’s clever. But when someone from the opposing team does it, he’s a big cheater.

155. You pay good money to see a horror movie only to have your eyes closed through half of it.